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Automate artwork process management on many levels for cost-saving results

Define and monitor your workflow for efficiency. Use digital asset management to upload, create and manage thousands of packaging designs at once. Automate approval process to get job done in minutes. Manage your multilingual content in a smart way - use pre-approved statements and translate only missing statements that you need.

reduced costs

Become a top retailer - achieve scale & speed by automating anything you want

Smart artwork process management allows you to manage thousands of CPGs effortlessly, within minutes. Select what to automate - the whole label, or just its parts (e.g. back of pack), and amend it unlimited number of times, whenever you want.

time-saving automation


Easily integrating with systems used in the retail sector

Import and export files from external sources in a wide range of files. Upload and manage multiple files together with associated metadata. Keep all your digital assets organised and accessible in one place to increase visibility and share them fast with all parties in your supply chain.

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