Copy & Translation Management

Build, approve & translate multilingual content

Store all your statements once, and reuse them across multiple products

Reduced costs

Reuse your pre-approved translations and only translate the new stuff

Ensured consistency

Control content across multiple brands, products, and variants

Increased speed to market

Shorten approval & translation time, and reduce the number of amendments

Multilingual content management & packaging translations in minutes

Start building up content from your very first product
Use pre-approved translations from centralised dictionaries
Create multilingual content easily with support for most written languages, including right-to-left scripts
Adapt content for local markets using localisation features

Smart variables always keep your branding & packaging consistent

Insert variable data within statements leaving the rest unchanged
Store approved legal and marketing statements
Keep it updated - any applied change comes up for approval on all related products
Supports global output standards (GS1 XML)

Transparent & easy-to-read dashboards for monitoring process and results

Stay on track with visible deadlines and project status
Visualise workflow performance & analyse artwork-related reports
Focus on specific work using personalised task lists
Each statement's lifecycle is fully audited

Intelligent tools driving compliance

Avoid using wrong content - the system shows you only content that's allowed to use
Easily view where content is used across your entire portfolio
Use a variety of content: statements, lists, tables and graphic elements
Compatible with our Artwork Automation software

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