Digital Asset Management

Store, share and manage your files in a smart way

Control all your branded elements with centralised file storage optimised for packaging artwork automation

Increased efficiency

No more losing files or requests overload - keep everything organised in one place

Stay up to date

Prevent using outdated assets - easily identify the latest and ready-to-use files

Control Your Branding

Track where assets are used across your whole portfolio - find and update them easily

Cloud asset management, anytime you need

Supports most industry-standard file formats
Manage multiple files at once
Reduce emails and file requests - share files across your entire supply chain
Simple interface minimises training

One centralised source for simple organisation & asset tracking

Never lose a file again - organise and search quickly with advanced search filters
Always see the most up-to-date versions
Need to apply changes? Track where assets are used across all of your artworks for easy updates
Synchronise assets from other systems via API

Integrated online editor for full artwork automation

Manage hundreds of artworks in minutes
View, create and modify packaging designs
Import multiple files with associated metadata
Replace multiple assets across the whole portfolio with a few clicks

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