process management

define and manage your artwork approval process

Simplify the complexity with a workflow management solution fully configured to your needs 



Create your unique process, and modify it over time for further improvement

the risk

Ensure key people are involved and work on the latest version of each artwork



Keep everyone on track, shorten the approval loops, and amend the artworks with a few clicks


Keep everything visible on comprehensive dashboards to measure and analyse progress

personalised access to all required information

  • Stay on track with personalised task lists 

  • Visible deadlines to reduce the risk of falling behind schedule

  • Easily understand which tasks are prioritised

  • Stay updated on the status of the project - ongoing or on hold

  • Receive daily notifications and reminders 


multifunctional tools for productivity & fast decision-making

  • Compare different versions of artworks

  • Make comments and notes to indicate amendments
  • Can be integrated with external systems

  • Functional dashboards for live reporting

  • Smart digital asset management (DAM) guides you to use only the updated files

Customise your workflow and TAILOR interface LOOK

  • Define your workflow and update it at any time

  • Fully customise what you see on a screen

  • Set timings and deadlines

  • Define steps for your processes

  • Specify roles and assign their access

  • Tailored to both managers and users


full audit & monitoring of your packaging workflow

  • Fully control and audit the process from design-to-print

  • Measure and summarise insights on detailed dashboards

  • Analyse outcomes to further optimise the process

  • Filter actions by your relevant metrics

see it in action



  • Fully configure the software from the browser

  • Build multiple business processes

  • Store all data properties unique to you

  • Version control of uploaded files

  • All user actions are timestamped and audited

  • Manage both physical and digital proofs

  • Integrated dashboards

  • API available for integration


  • Import Excel data to create briefings

  • Assign users on a project-by-project basis

  • Configure timings and record milestones

  • Easily prioritise tasks

  • Audited tracking

  • ‘Live Status’ Dashboards

  • Management KPI reporting


  • Personalised task lists and screens

  • Approve, reject, make comments and highlight necessary artwork amendments

  • Digitally compare artwork versions

  • Approve artwork versions using unique codes

  • Comprehensive email notifications

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