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How digital proofing revolutionises creation, approval distribution of packaging artwork

Digital proofing - also known as online proofing or virtual proofing - refers to the process of reviewing and approving digital content, such as artwork, designs, or documents, in a digital format rather than using physical proofs. It involves the use of software platforms or tools that enable stakeholders to collaborate, annotate, and provide feedback on digital files in a centralised and accessible manner.

Brands can leverage digital proofing and packaging artwork automation solutions in several ways to streamline their processes and enhance their efficiency.

Collaborating Online

Cosmetic brands can utilise digital proofing platforms that enable online collaboration among their internal teams, external stakeholders (such as designers, printers, and regulatory authorities), and even customers. This allows all parties to access and review packaging artwork files simultaneously, eliminating the need for physical proofs and reducing delays in the approval process.

Real-time Annotation and Markups

By using digital proofing tools, brands can provide real-time annotation and markup capabilities on packaging artwork files. This enables stakeholders to highlight specific areas for revision, suggest changes, or provide feedback directly on the digital proofs, accelerating the review and revision cycles.

Version Control and Audit Trails

Packaging artwork automation solutions often include version control features, enabling brands to maintain a comprehensive history of revisions and approvals for each artwork file. This feature helps in tracking changes, comparing different versions, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Digital Asset Management

Brands can integrate digital asset management (DAM) systems with packaging artwork automation solutions. This allows them to store and organise all digital assets, including product images, logos, branding elements, and regulatory information in a centralised repository. DAM integration ensures easy retrieval and filtering of assets during the artwork creation process, reducing errors and saving time.

Generating Artworks Automatically

Packaging artwork automation solutions can automate the generation of artwork files by dynamically merging product-specific information, such as batch codes, ingredient lists, and translations, with pre-approved design templates. This reduces the manual effort required for artwork creation, improves consistency, and minimises the risk of errors.

Regulatory Compliance Checks

Digital proofing tools can integrate regulatory compliance checks to ensure that packaging artwork adheres to relevant industry regulations and standards. Automated checks can verify elements like ingredient lists, font sizes, warning labels, and regulatory symbols, reducing the chances of non-compliance issues and potential legal consequences.

Streamlining Approval Workflows

With digital proofing solutions, brands can establish streamlined approval workflows that include predefined roles, responsibilities, and timelines. This helps in managing the entire artwork approval process efficiently, ensuring that the right stakeholders review and approve the artwork within specified timeframes.

Remote Proofing - Globally

Packaging artwork automation solutions facilitate remote proofing, allowing brand teams to review and approve artwork from any location. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with global or distributed teams, as it eliminates the need for physical proofs to be shipped across different locations, saving time and costs.

Analytics and Reporting

Some digital proofing solutions like MYPACKBRAIN offer analytics and reporting capabilities that provide insights into the artwork approval process. Brands can leverage this data to identify bottlenecks, measure turnaround times, monitor team performance, and identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing their overall efficiency.

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