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6 Best Features of Software Used to Design Packaging

6 Best Features of Software Used to Design Packaging

Coming up with a unique packaging design for your product can be time-consuming. Without the right tools, you might end up spending more time on the packaging rather than the product development itself. Thankfully, you can now streamline the process using packaging design software.

According to Cognitive Market Research’s Global Design Software for Packaging Market Report 2021, demands for such software will increase to 15%-35% in the coming years. Packaging design matters because it gives a strong first impression, creates brand identity, and sets you apart from similar products. Hence, consider investing in the right tool for your brand.

To help you search which software is used for packaging design, here are some of the must-have features to look out for.

1. Intuitive User Interface

Some design software may seem intimidating due to the extensive tools it offers for your designing needs. Its user interface becomes too cluttered and packed with too many icons and buttons. As a result, first-time users spend more time struggling with the software rather than doing the actual packaging design process.

So the first thing you need to check when choosing the best product packaging design software for your business is its user interface, especially if you or the user don’t have much design skills and experience. Make sure that it is intuitive and navigable so that first-time users such as yourself will have no trouble using the software. This way, you can jump right into the actual packaging design process than waste your time, energy, and resources in learning how to use the software.

2. Customisable Templates

Modern packaging software solutions like MYPACKBRAIN speed up the packaging design process. No need to go through each packaging artwork one by one to create or edit. You can work on multiple artworks at once.

Each brand can build and customise unique templates - so-called brand maps - according to its unique branding style. Any authorised user working on artworks can access brand’s digital assets for brand maps, pages, and artworks instantly, and apply necessary changes to all relevant files at once.  

This way, brands can simplify and expedite workflow, and link the content variables. It results in error-free content and significantly speeds up the creation process.

3. Personalisation

Do you remember Coca-Cola bottles personalised with a name/phrase of choice, or Nutella jars sending customers a positive message such as 'Good Morning' or 'Happy Birthday'?

Best packaging design software allows maximising the packaging design by catering it to different uses and target markets at a regional or global scale.

Imagine appealing to the State sports team's fans by adding its logo on your branded products. Fifty-one States, fifty-one logos. Sounds like mundane work, doesn’t it? With design software like MYPACKBRAIN, you can do it effortlessly within minutes.

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4. Brand Consistency & Regulatory Compliance

Many brands struggle to locate their assets. Furthermore, many of their assets are outdated, so searching for up-to-date ones can be difficult.

Good design software offers you a centralised file storage so you can control and access all your branded elements in a single location. This helps you prevent losing files, struggling to find assets and overloading requests.

Moreover, software like MYPACKBRAIN also always lets you see the most up-to-date versions so you don’t have to unearth your most needed files from piles of assets. In turn, you can optimise file tracking and applying file changes.

5. Legal Compliance

Some industries are required to meet strict industry standards and compliance. For example, pharmaceuticals need to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.

Software like MYPACKBRAIN caters to this by handling all audits as well as controlling and monitoring compliance requirements. With brands storing all their assets in one location, it’s also easier to maintain, monitor and keep updated their files and legal & marketing statements.

6. Automation

Packaging design is a process that involves several steps before the design becomes a reality. It also involves teams other than your design team. This includes marketers, engineers, and product and process managers. Sometimes, the bottleneck is not in the actual designing or brainstorming process but in the latter stages as well.

Hence, what you need is packaging design software that can also streamline your overall workflows. The best way to do this is by automating your packaging design process. This allows you to map out the various stages in your design process until it reaches finalisation and production of the product packaging.

Choosing the Right Software

The purpose of packaging design software is not to take over the jobs for arts majors and designers. Its goal is to assist you and your team to make the task easier, faster, and more efficient.

Hence, when choosing the right software, you should always consider your needs as well as your team’s. For example, identify the areas where you and your team encounter the most difficulty. This way, you will know what specific features to look out for in your packaging design software.

So if you are looking for flexible and comprehensive packaging design software, check out MYPACKBRAIN. It offers a wide range of products for brand owners, retailers, and even pharmaceuticals.