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3 Reasons Why Automated Packaging Graphics Are Accurate & Brand-compliant

3 Reasons Why Automated Packaging Graphics Are Accurate & Brand-compliant

Brand owners, retailers, or marketers. No matter your role and industry, everyone aims to create packaging and labels that are consistent with their brand identity. This is because consistent branding helps build recognition and trust with consumers, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

One way that companies can ensure that their packaging and labels are always brand-compliant is by using solutions to automate and manage packaging assets. Automated packaging graphics are always accurate for a few reasons.

1. Trained to follow brand guidelines - "brand map"

Automated systems are designed and trained to follow specific guidelines and requirements for a brand's packaging graphics. With an automated workflow, companies set up specific rules and criteria for branded artworks, and the system automatically applies these rules and criteria to each artwork as it is generated. It also applies to multiple product variants. Just choose an attribute (e.g. flavour), and all the other requirements will adjust automatically.

Automated design elements may include:

  • imagery
  • colour palettes (Pantone)
  • fonts
  • barcodes
  • numerics
  • tables (e.g. nutrition fact tables)
  • names, addresses
  • dictionaries
  • and other design elements.

2. Controlled by smart algorithms

Automated systems can use software and algorithms to ensure the packaging graphics they generate are free of errors and meet any technical specifications, such as size and resolution requirements.

There are two ways to create automated packaging artworks - automatic (system-generated) or manual (user-generated); However, even when the user generates an asset, the system still guides and controls the actions for the asset to stay in line with requirements and regulations.

Learn more how packaging design automation process looks like here.

3. Taking quality control measures

Dealing with hundreds or thousands of packaging artworks may become a great challenge to ensure they are all accurate. Using an automated system, a company has the proper tools to have artwork review and approval processes - like version control - in place.

At this point, it's worth mentioning that if you use reliable design automation software, you are in full control over what you're creating thanks to an accurate asset overview. Meaning whatever you create looks exactly the same after printing it out (especially the colours). Not all design automation systems have this ability though, and it's one of the 6 features the best design automation software should have. (Yes, MYPACKBRAIN has it!)

The last but not least, a company can also implement additional regular checks and audits just to ensure that all recent changes related to brand guidelines are up to date, so the system will be producing accurate and compliant packaging graphics.

Automation secures brand-compliance

Overall, using automated systems for packaging graphics design can help companies improve the quality and accuracy of their artworks, while also streamlining their processes and saving time and resources. The produced brand assets will be accurate due to the smart system having various brand guidelines linked, in order to generate multiple compliant artwork variants in clicks.