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Cloud-based and integrated

4 tools on 1 platform

Use the whole ecosystem for the best experience, or mix & match them to your needs

Create and manage hundreds of artworks in minutes, and modify them into multiple variants in a few clicks

Quickly build content in various languages using pre-approved translations, and control your content globally

Define and control your workflow, and visualise your trends on dashboards to optimise the process

Keep all branded elements in one place, and give access to unlimited users to use and share files easily

full audit   I   regulatory compliance   I   process management   I   security & control


full audit

Best internal auditing & monitoring tools for pharma and healthcare industries

Track what's happening in real time to improve transparency and traceability. Provide a complete history of actions undertaken by users while carrying out workflow tasks (who, what, when). 

Use comprehensive dashboards for clear analytical results and graphical reporting. 

Ensure packaging design & branding meet strict pharmaceutical industry standards

Protect your brand and maintain compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.

Secure packaging and brand compliance with fully monitored both process management and digital asset management (DAM). Store, share and manage all your digital assets in one integrated place to ensure using updated files and legal/marketing statements.


regulatory compliance


process management

Manage packaging workflow, and approve artworks faster - internally

Configure your ideal packaging workflow - define number of steps, users, deadlines, assign roles, configure user interface. Anything you want, really. Then, use personalised task lists to keep everyone updated and on track.

Automate artwork approval to check, accept or amend your OTC and Rx packaging designs in a few clicks and minutes.

Manage processes fast in a reliable, secure and fully controlled environment.

Strengthen the security of your assets. Give controlled role-based user access and permissions to your digital library, and oversee where and how assets are used across your global portfolio.

Monitor content and processes across many brands, products, variants. The system and interface are fully tailored to your requirements. It offers you version control and reporting on any chosen variable, so you can stay confident about every detail of operations.


security & control

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