what's the best alternative to KALLIK?

KALLIK states there's no alternative to their solutions - can't be more wrong - check for yourself!

MYPACKBRAIN is end-to-end artwork management for regulated industries in affordable pricing plans. The most advanced artwork editor you can currently get in the market.




Get reliable cloud-based solutions adjusted to your real business needs.

Years of packaging & prepress experience paired with software development expertise give us flexibility. We can deliver and modify solutions fast, with no third parties involved.

In case you are missing any feature or need a particular tool set up - let us knowWe listen carefully to your requirements and challenges, and react.

TRANSPARENT pricing plans

You don't need to break a bank to get quality solutions.

We get each company has various demands. We tailor tool set-up to the needs and stage of your business.

This way, you pay for the essentials. There are no hidden costs on the way. The pricing plan is transparent from the beginning and can be topped up any time you require.

Get in touch with us to talk about your business needs, tool set up and budget. Let's find the perfect solution for your company.

excellent customer support

To us, you are unique. Not one in a million.

No matter if you have questions, comments, need technical or prepress support - our specialists are always there for you to resolve any issue you have as fast as we can.

Leave stress aside and focus on boosting your business. As a MYPACKBRAIN client, you are valued and never left alone. That's how we thank you for choosing us.

full access to prepress services

With our specialists on board, choose fro3 types of services: self-service, full-service, and a hybrid.

Self-service: operate on your own

Full-service: a prepress designer / technician carries out tasks for you

Mix & match: get expert guidance on demand throughout the process

It's all very intuitive, but if you're not into self-service, or creating artworks yourself, just let us know what you need, and we're on it!

MYPACKBRAIN tailored solutions fit any business type - from multimillion Fortune 500 global brands to SMEs operating on local markets


Our speed to market has been significantly improved, automatically creating large numbers of artworks that would have taken weeks to do manually.

Global Artwork Manager - Colart International

ready to get started?

Great! Let's connect you with an expert to talk about specifics of your business and choose which MYPACKBRAIN set up is the most optimal for boosting your business.

have more questions?

More questions before deciding whether MYPACKBRAIN is the right alternative for you? Our expert will give you a callback to answer all the questions you have and support your decision process.

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