what's the best alternative to chili publish?

Chili is a great online graphic editor, but with MYPACKBRAIN you don't need to limit yourself. Automate all 4 sides of your artwork processes with solutions personalised to your business.



ecosystem of 4 tools, not just 1

Why limit yourself using just an artwork editor when you can fully optimise your packaging artwork processes on many more levels. 

With packaging artwork design, digital asset management (DAM), translations and multilingual content management as well as workflow management, MYPACKBRAIN gives you much more.

4 cloud-based tools. Fully integrated. A unique, personalised set up for your business. Easily merging with your local and global environments.

full access to prepress services

With our specialists on board, choose fro3 types of services: self-service, full-service, and a hybrid.

Self-service: operate on your own

Full-service: a prepress designer / technician carries out tasks for you

Mix & match: get expert guidance on demand throughout the process

It's all very intuitive, but if you're not into self-service, or creating artworks yourself, just let us know what you need, and we're on it!

solutions made by industry experts

Years of packaging & prepress experience connected us well with the industry. We understand standards and requirements of your industry, offering you the best possible solution set up and full control over your artwork processes.

MYPACKBRAIN solutions stack up not only for brand owners and retailers in food, beverage and cosmetic industries, but also pharmaceutical companies.

You get pragmatic and agile tools that allow you to monitor and full audit your processes.  

Our solutions are trusted by multi-million revenue enterprises from Fortune 500 brands operating worldwide


Our speed to market has been significantly improved, automatically creating large numbers of artworks that would have taken weeks to do manually.

Global Artwork Manager - Colart International

mypackbrain vs chili publish compare guide

With a variety of end-to-end tools and set up possibilities, MYPACKBRAIN is the best Chili Publish alternative. Compare the features to see yourself:

Artwork Management & Automation

Online Editor

Artwork Management

Smart Branded Templates

Variable Data

Interactive Content

Easy Customisation

Rules Engine

High Volume Output Generation

GS1 Compliant

Import from External Data Sources API, JSON, XML, Excel

Digital Asset Management

Asset Library 

Advanced Filtering

Version Control

Metadata Management

10,000 Royalty-free Fonts Available

Asset Tracking Across Your Artworks

Workflow Management

User-defined Workflow Steps

Task Planning & Management

Artwork Approval Management

Project Tracking

Personalised Task List

Customised User Interface


Reporting & Statistics

Analytical Dashboards

Content Management

Multilingual Content Management


Library of Pre-approved Translations

GS1 XML Outputs





Hybrid service

3-rd Party Integrations

ready to get started?

Great! Let's connect you with an expert to talk about the specifics of your business and choose which MYPACKBRAIN set up is the most optimal for boosting your business.

have more questions?

More questions before deciding whether MYPACKBRAIN is the right alternative for you? Our expert will give you a callback to answer all the questions you have and support your decision process.

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