Case Studies




TEquals0 is a global aggregator of best-in-class technology. We provide FMCG clients with a disruptive and transformative approach that delivers dramatic improvements to their packaging artwork processes. TEquals0 also provide our FMCG clients with a service wrap to support them on this transformational journey.   

Relationship with MPB 

TEquals0 have entered into a licence agreement with MYPACKBRAIN to exploit their technology. This includes Pasara, Textures, ArtworkOnline and Insights. The reason: we believe that these tools are exceptional and offer our clients truly unique opportunities to deliver digital transformation.

The problem FMCG clients face 

Most FMCG brand owners have the need to improve their speed to market. Being first to market is critical.  It enables them to increase seller days, beat their competition and improve their profits. However, nearly all brand owners rely on traditional pre-media agencies and highly complex artwork processes – this leads to inefficiencies, delays and spiralling costs. Pre-media has not changed in decades and no longer offers the Brand owner real value. Brands are frustrated by the inertia and therefore it was necessary to offer them something different.

The solution

Enable the brand owners themselves to interact directly with their own artwork assets through a browser. Enabling their knowledge holders to create and change artworks with a click of a button. Reducing a 90 days process down to minutes.


TEquals0 are a relatively new organisation who are disrupting a very mature industry. Our ability to exploit the MYPACKBRAIN technology has resulted in exceptional growth. We are winning clients around the globe across many different markets. This includes; On-line retailers. Some of the globes largest food brands. Many of Europe’s largest Beauty care brands and one of the largest sporting apparel companies.


From some of TEquals0’s clients:

“I’m now able to make my own changes and my own artworks. We wanted more agility and more control. We have that now. We are delighted with the change to [T=Ø].” 

Packaging Manager – Sporting apparel business

“I’ve found the [T=Ø] team to be a refreshing change from others I’ve had the opportunity to work with when developing new systems. They and the system are in the 21st century with very few restrictions holding them back when trying to help them/us develop a ‘fit for purpose’ system for us to use right from the start. Nothing is too much trouble for them.”

PackTech – European Beauty company

"Really, really good! Great to work with and have built up good relationships with myself and the rest of the team. Great level of communication + can do attitude. Very keen to please!” 

Manager - Global retailer