Case Studies

Itarus Limited

Itarus Limited

The Customer

Itarus are based in Northampton, United Kingdom. They provide specialist packaging prepress services to global brands around the world, by combining traditional desktop solutions with the very latest automation technology. They are seeking to disrupt the complacent prepress industry by offering their clients an opportunity to engage directly with MYPACKBRAIN's software solutions, managed by their experts, to provide a self-service platform to generate their own packaging artworks and CGI rendered pack shots. Their mission is to be the most innovative prepress service provider offering a broad range of technical solutions to the world’s most driven brands.

The Requirements

Itarus required a software solutions provider that could deliver high volumes of automated packaging artwork PDFs to rigid technical requirements. They challenged MYPACKBRAIN to facilitate a service that could deliver copy changes in a fraction of the current time it took to brief a prepress agency conventionally. By enabling this, Itarus’ clients can experience unrivalled speed to market and reduced artwork re-loops. They also required a flexible artwork management system with dashboard KPIs to ensure the correct review and approvals were recorded and reported on for their highly regulated industry.

The Solution

Automated artwork

Itarus work with each of their global clients to establish effective workflows that manage all their clients' varied packaging requirements: from managing Brand-Maps and their multiple variants, auto-trapping correctly to pre-determined printer specified profiles, colour management, CGI rendered pack-shots, physical packaging pre-production samples (mock-ups) or even just QC functions’ each are managed by tailoring a workflow to the exact requirements of each client. Itarus’ clients are amazed just how easy it is to make a design or layout changes and then to produce hundreds of variant artworks in minutes! The variable data for each variant can be directly input to the Brand-Map, loaded by Excel (still very popular with brand owners) or by XML, or simply imported automatically as JSON from their own systems to generate each artwork PDFs, on-demand.

Artwork Management

Itarus work with many different clients, many already having their own internal systems. Itarus needed a consistent approach to streamline their production processes to be efficient yet be flexible and adaptable for each of their clients’ specific needs. The ability to adapt workflows easily and to build new workflows quickly and simply was key. Itarus produce highly regulated packaging artworks and building an optimum approval process to ensure the correct stakeholders review each artwork PDF version securely and in confidence was critical. A full audit trail retained all key activities associated with each artwork’s approval journey.

Dashboard KPIs

Due to the high volume of artworks and required approvers MYPACKBRAIN configured a tailored insight dashboard delivering a single page of key management KPIs for each of their clients, catering for the individual needs of each client, enabling each to make fast and informed decisions based on real-time facts and trends.

Each easy-to-understand graph, chart and gauge provides drill through data in order to identify root causes and support reliable decision-making.


"Many of our clients have been pleased that we can offer this new approach to help them evolve, supporting them to be quicker, more accurate and compliant - the software adds another dimension to our services – MYPACKBRAIN's software will remain a cornerstone for the growth of our business and the diversity of the solutions, both customers service and technological."

- Client Satisfaction Executive at Itarus Limited