Case Studies

Colart International

Colart International

The customer

Colart are a truly international company, and their beloved brands (Winsor & Newton, Lefranc Bourgeois, Liquitex, Conté a Paris, Snazaroo) have enthused artists and creative thinkers for generations. Based in London, they inspire artists in over 120 countries, by combining pure heritage and tradition with the latest technology. They are on an exciting journey, where they place the artist at the centre of everything they do. Their mission is to be the most sustainable, consumer driven home of creative brands.

The Requirements

Colart required a provider that could deliver high volumes of accurate and compliant artwork PDFs in a fraction of the current time being taken using traditional desktop methods. Enabling speed to market and reducing resource requirements were key whilst reducing the artwork re-loops they were experiencing. They also required a flexible artwork management system with dashboard KPIs to ensure the correct review and approvals were recorded and reported on for their highly regulated industry.

The Solution

Automated artwork

We worked with Colart to initially analyse and build Brand-Maps for both the Winsor & Newton and Lefranc Bourgeois brands. Just three Brand-Maps delivered 347 accurate and compliant artworks. Colart were amazed just how easy it was to make a single design or layout change and have it applied to all artwork variants instantly. The variable data for each variant (Colour name, product code, translations, product codes, barcode number) could also be imported automatically from their internal systems to generate each variant on-demand.

Artwork Management

Colart produce highly regulated products and we worked with them to understand and build an optimum approval process ensuring the correct stakeholders reviewed each artwork PDF version. A full audit trail retained all key activities associated with each artwork’s approval journey.

Dashboard KPIs

Due to the high volume of artworks and required approvers we configured a tailored insight dashboard delivering a single page of key management KPIs enabling Colart to make fast and informed decisions based on real-time facts and trends.

Each easy-to-understand graph, chart and gauge provides drill through data in order to identify root causes and support reliable decision-making.


"Our speed to market has been significantly improved, automatically creating large numbers of artworks that would have taken weeks to do manually. [...] the software is excellent -the team and the support we receive are also exceptional."

- Global ArtworkManager at Colart International