So, what is a Brand-Map™ ?

A Brand-Map is so much more than a packaging design template!
A Brand-Map™ is a unique concept innovated and engineered by MYPACKBRAIN to make the management of your Brand Equity as simples as possible.
It is concerned with the assimilation, compliance, compilation, and adaption of content, both textual and graphical, relating to a product’s labelling.
A Brand-Map™ serves as a foundation for creating multiple variants of product packaging whilst remaining true to your brand guidelines.The Brand-Map includes specifications for the proper placement and usage of visual elements, such as logos, colours, and fonts, as well as guidelines for the arrangement of other product-related information.
‘Intelligence’ is built into a Brand-Map™ so that it acts as a collection of holistically connected templates. Hidden inside a Brand-Map™ can be any number of rules that stop errors being made bringing to you, accuracy, and compliance, so you can be confident that speed and agility does not mean risk!
By using an intelligent MYPACKBRAIN Brand-Map™ instead of a dumb template, humans creating packaging and also fully automated systems can quickly and easily create consistent and accurate packaging designs across different product lines, sizes, and formats.

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