ARTWORK Automation

create, edit and manage thousands of packaging artworks IN minutes

Build sophisticated print-ready artworks with multiple variants over the web


Create hundreds of artworks at once while saving up to 90% per project


speed to market

Shorten amendment loops and approval times with instant updates

consistent branding

Smart variables enable control over your packaging artwork globally

packaging artwork design & management in minutes

  • Simplify your workflow by using pre-built templates

  • Apply changes across all relevant files instantly

  • Amend an unlimited number of artworks as often as you want

  • Import content from other systems (XML GS1, Excel, JSON)


one design delivered in multiple variants at once

  • Customise artworks for your small business or global enterprise

  • Tailor hundreds of artworks with a few clicks

  • Make customised packaging for regional markets and target consumers with ease

full environment control for consistent branding & packaging compliance

  • Create artworks in line with your branding

  • Control what is said on the packaging to ensure legal & marketing compliance

  • Change content quickly with the confidence of using correct colours, fonts, logos, or statements

  • Link the variables to avoid user errors


so simple anyone can master artwork creation fast & easily

  • The intuitive user interface requires a low-level of training

  • Set the requirements, and let the smart variables create the artwork for you

  • Multi-user workflow - specific departments can edit content they are responsible for at the same time 



"Our speed to market has been significantly improved, automatically creating large numbers of artworks that would have taken weeks to do manually. [...] the software is excellent - the team and the support we receive are also exceptional." 

- Global Artwork Manager at Colart International

see it in action


  • Build print-ready artworks with multiple variants over the web

  • Define what content is variable and what is fixed

  • Manipulate elements on the canvas or via variables

  • Organise all assets through brand maps, artworks, pages, layers and lists

  • Draw custom shapes

  • Set rules to control brand and compliance

  • Design text layouts using a powerful set of typography tools 

  • Transform existing graphics by setting clipping masks or apply other effects

Variable types​

  • Text

  • Graphics

  • Barcodes

  • Colours

  • Numerics


  • Excel spreadsheets

  • XML (GS1) or JSON

  • Cobra files

  • Graphics and Images

  • Fonts

Content types

  • Over 80 file formats supported (incl. SVG, AI, PSD, PDF)

  • Over 10,000 free fonts available

  • Different barcode types (incl. Data Matrix, EAN, ITF, UPC-A)

  • Support for CMYK, RGB, named colours and colour libraries (i.e. Pantones)


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