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What Brand Owners Can Do With a Digital Asset Management System (DAM)

Updated: Jan 18

a cosmetic bottle with a blank label ready to automate with a packaging design software

Digital Asset Management (DAM) automation systems offer an easy and effective way for brand owners to monitor their brand assets and manage packaging artworks.

With a DAM automation system, brand owners can upload and store all of their brand assets, including images, videos, logos, packaging graphics, and other marketing materials, in a central, organized, and easily accessible location. This makes it easy for brand owners to find and retrieve the assets they need, when they need them, and ensures that all of their assets are consistent and up-to-date.

Improve the accuracy and consistency of brand materials

By using a DAM system, brand owners can easily set up rules and guidelines for their brand assets, including specific color palettes, fonts, imagery, and other design elements. The system can then automatically apply these rules and guidelines to all brand assets, ensuring that they are consistent and compliant with the brand's standards.

This can help reduce the risk of human error or inconsistency and can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual checks and reviews.

Streamline workflow and approval process for brand materials

Another advantage of using a DAM automation system for brand asset management is that it can help streamline the workflow and approval process for brand materials. With a DAM system, brand owners can easily share assets with other team members and stakeholders, and can set up approval workflows to ensure that materials are reviewed and approved in a timely and efficient manner. This can help reduce bottlenecks and delays in the approval process and can enable teams to move quickly and efficiently when creating and updating brand materials.

Improve organization

A really good DAM system - like MYPACKBRAIN - can help brand owners not only organize and store their digital assets - such as images, videos, and documents - in a central repository but also filter, pinpoint and monitor the brand assets easily.

This can make it easier for brand owners to find and access the assets they need as well as understand clearly where the specific assets are used across the portfolio. Overall, it improves efficiency and reduces the risk of lost or misplaced assets.

Enhance collaboration

cosmetic bottles with consistent and automated labels

A DAM system can help brand owners share assets with team members and external partners, such as agencies or retailers, in a secure and controlled manner. This allows team members to easily access and share assets with each other, reducing the need for email attachments and version control issues.

The DAM system can also include features such as user permissions, version history, and annotations, which can facilitate collaboration by enabling team members to track changes, leave comments, and discuss assets in a centralized location.

Additionally, some DAM systems for the packaging industry offer integration with other collaboration tools, such as project management software and team communication platforms, further streamlining the collaboration process.

Have a greater control

A DAM system can help brand owners control access to their assets and set permissions for

different users. This can help protect the assets and ensure that they are only used in accordance with the brand's guidelines.

Also, as the system ensures users work on the latest version of the file, there's no risk of errors and recalls.

various cosmetic packaging types with blank labels to design using packaging artwork design solutions

Digital Asset Management (DAM) - an essential digital solution for all brand owners

Overall, a DAM automation system offers an easy and effective way for brand owners to monitor and manage their brand assets and packaging artworks. By centralizing and organizing brand assets, and by automating the packaging artwork review and approval process, a DAM system improves the accuracy and consistency of brand materials and packaging artworks, while also streamlining the workflow and saving time and resources.


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