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8 Signs It's Time to Automate Your Packaging Artwork Processes

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

boxes of water with an automated graphics lying on a blue background

Not sure if it's time to automate your artwork and labelling processes? There are several signs that your business has reached a point at which automation would be beneficial. If you experience any of them, you should consider automation your ally.

1. Your processes are manually intensive

If you are relying heavily on manual processes to design, produce, and apply labels, it may be time to consider automating your labeling operations. Manual processes may be slow and inflexible, which can limit the ability to respond to changing conditions. Automation reduces the need for manual labor and improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your labeling processes. In the end, your team can focus on more important tasks than the ones that can be automated.

2. Your processes are inefficient or error-prone

a box of six green juices with no packaging labels

If you are experiencing bottlenecks, delays, or errors in your labeling operations, such as incorrect or missing labels, automation can help you streamline and organize your labeling processes. No more chaos or confusion in your labeling workflow. Automation reduces errors and improves efficiency, which saves time and resources, and improves the overall quality and value of your products. Build your own workflow and use dashboards to analyse and modify processes over time to keep improving the results.

3. You are experiencing compliance issues

You may have to deal with a variety of labeling requirements, such as different languages, regulatory requirements, or branding guidelines. If you are having difficulty complying with relevant regulations and standards in your labeling operations, automation can help you manage and comply with these requirements more easily and efficiently. Your labels are accurate and compliant, which reduces the risk of fines or other penalties.

4. You have difficulty maintaining brand consistency

three orange cosmetic bottles with inconsistent branding and packaging graphics in need of artwork automation software

If you have multiple brands or product lines, it can be challenging to maintain brand accuracy and consistency in your labeling. Automation helps you design and produce labels that are consistent with your branding guidelines, which improves the overall consistency and value of your products.

Also, a good automation system provides you with storage to manage your digital assets and advanced filtering to monitor and locate any brand asset across the portfolio easily.

5. You want to scale

Managing a large product portfolio or product variants. Operating on many markets. If you are planning to expand your business or increase production, automating your labeling processes can help.

Automation helps you scale up your labeling operations quickly and efficiently, which can support growth and increased demand. Within minutes, you can generate hundreds of packaging label variants and translate them into multiple languages.

6. You are struggling to keep up with the demand

If you are experiencing an increase in demand for your products and are having difficulty meeting that demand with your current labeling processes, it may be time to consider automating your labeling operations. Automation can help increase speed and accuracy, which can help you keep up with demand and improve customer satisfaction.

7. You want to improve the customer experience

If you want to improve the overall customer experience with your products, automating your labeling processes can help. Automated labeling ensures your labels are accurate, consistent, and compliant with relevant regulations and standards, which can improve the value and appeal of your products.

You can also personalise or customise labels for specific customers and markets, which is beneficial not only with enhanced customer experience but can also help to cross-sell your products.

a coffee capsule personalised with a customer's initial

Read about five benefits of personalised packaging here.

8. You want to improve the sustainability of your labeling

If you are interested in reducing the environmental impact of your packaging, automation can help. Artwork automation improves the accuracy and consistency of labelling which reduces the risk of product recalls. It helps to reduce waste and improve the recyclability of your packaging, which can help you improve the sustainability of your operations.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are many signs that it may be time to automate your packaging labels. If you are experiencing challenges or inefficiencies in your labeling operations, or if you want to improve the accuracy, consistency, or sustainability of your labeling, automation can be a valuable solution.


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